Contact our Key Staff

Kevin Toles, P.Ag.

President and CEO

Stephen Ross

Director of Sales

Sid Bergsma

British Columbia Sales Manager

Elmer Toews

Central Sales Manager & Pet Food Sales

Daniel Laboissonnière, Agr.

Quebec Sales Manager

Alan Brydges

Sales and Logistics

Kelly Fargher

Manager Customer Services, Sales and Logistics

James Hokanson, CPA, CA

Director of Finance and Procurement

Melanie Richardson


Durvesh Ramasamy

Deputy Director of Procurement

Terry Bluhm

Sales and Traffic Coordinator

Kathy David

Sales & Traffic Coordinator

Jeremy Gladish

Alberta Sales Manager

Kevin Hicks

Eastern Sales Manager

Haruko Tsuchi

Purchasing and Quality System Manger

Lorena Ewert

Administrative Assistant

Kim Martens

Administrative Assistant

Candice Moore

Administrative Assistant